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Embionics has expertise to cater the needs of OEMs, System Integrators and specific design and development requirements as well as testing in M2M space in the fields of Home automation, Factory automation and Transportation. The service domains for Embionics predominantly cover Electronic design & development for embedded systems, Image and video processing, Pattern recognition & Machine Learning based data analytics.

Design and Development Services:

Hardware platform and related firmware development

Application on portable mobile devices

Development for controller based applications

Porting and optimization of data analytics algorithm on embedded platform.

Integration Services:

Embionics offers its core modules to OEMs, System Integrators for integration in software applications as well as on embedded platforms.

The integration modules include -

Processor / Micro-controller base driver & solution libraries

Solution libraries in field of Image/ video processing, Pattern recognition & Machine learning.

Quality Engineering and Assurance Services:

Though innovations are necessary to develop any product in M2M space, an out of the box thinking is an imperative to test such products and make them market ready !

We at Embionics extend out validation and verification engineering services to carry out independent testing of the products developed by you.
Our offerings include –

Performance Tests

    This comprises measuring and benchmarking various parameters viz. CPU usage, Memory usage, Power consumption, Latency along with load testing. This
    provides customers credibility about their solutions.

Interoperability Tests

    Helps customer to understand the system performance which involve different devices

User Interface Tests

    Display, keypad, LED, LCD testing

Development and Acceptance Tests

    Helps customer to understand the system (Hardware and underlying OS) capabilities for various application development.