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Embionics provides software solutions for embedded as well as desktop applications and/or systems with the major focus on Machine to Machine communication and related data analytics. Embionics currently zeroed down on Home security & automation , Industry automation and Transportation verticals.

Embionics is committed to create its niche in –

Multi-sensor fusion and data acquisition platforms

Multi-sensor data communication across machine and/or server

Multi-sensor data analytics using machine learning and report generation Desktop (Windows, Linux), DSP(TI, Freescale, microchip, Analog Devices ),ARM would be  the major platforms for undertaking these development.


Man machine interface in embedded systems

Machine to Machine interfacing

Machine Learning algorithms

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Data Logger


Driver development for peripherals around TI, Microchip's DSP controllers.

RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI protocol based development.

Zig-bee, RF, NFC, Ethernet, GSM-GPRS, GPS communication based application development.

Porting applications on Analog devices(Blackfin) ,TI(DM642,DM6437,DM6446, DM355, DM365), Cradle, Atmel (AVR), and Microchip's DSP controllers
    (16F,18F,24F,30F,33F), Freescale Kinetis ARM series.


IDE : Visual studio, Code Composure Studio, Visual DSP, Code Warrior

OpenCV Libraries and various open source Machine learning toolset viz. Octave

Gstreamer Multimedia platform for video based application and Plug-in development

Matlab based scripting, modeling and analysis

Operating Systems


RTOS – DSP/BIOS, Embedded Linux, eCos,MQS, Free RTOS

Linux (Suse, Red Hat, Ubuntu)