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Embionics offers product design & development services which meets diverse industry requirement in M2M space. We have in depth domain knowledge and expertise in entire embedded space, ranging from concept to product launch. Our engineering offering broadly categorized into :

System Engineering

Requirements engineering and management

Concept definition

Architecture design and optimization

System analysis

Safety analysis

Compliance and certification

Model-based development

Hardware Engineering

Design and analysis

Schematic design

Component selection and layout

Software Engineering

Porting OS

Writing Device Driver

Development of business logic

Real time software development.

Verification and validation Engineering

Developing test scripts

Delivering system and performing test automation.

Simulation for control modules

Build test automation platforms

Manufacturing & Support

Embionics provides these "engineering" services for the customer requirements with distinguished factors such as

Understanding the changing technology and providing solution which is abreast of contemporary solutions

Better and smaller designs with new features and improved usability.

Reduce time-to-market

Competitive costing.

This ensures that customer gets more "value for money" and helps creating the credibility for long term relationship.